Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 35 Her Wish [1], Part 1

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“You’er, where did so many slaves come from? What do you want to do?” Fortunately Mu YingYi saw the rows of orderly slaves alight from the carriage. He distracted Zi You so she could calm her emotions.

She went in front of the slaves and pointed to Old General Mu, “Pay your respects to Lao TaiYe.”

The forty-nine slaves knelt and shouted, “We slaves pay respects to Lao TaiYe. We wish Lao TaiYe fortune and good blessings!”

Zi You then pointed to Mu YingYi, “Pay your respects to Second LaoYe.”

Forty-nine slaves also bowed towards Mu YingYi.

Zi You waved her hand and said to the housekeeper QuanBo, “QuanBo, you help arrange their accommodations. ShiYun, you bring YouLian to YouRan Ju.”

Finished speaking, she turned in the arms of her grandfather and coquettishly said, “Grandfather, didn’t I tell you I wanted to form a female medical team? You were worried I couldn’t recruit people. Now I have the people. You won’t object now right?”

Old General Mu and Mu YingYi were shocked. They looked at each Zi You and asked in unison, “You’re telling the truth? You really want to form a female medical team?”

Zi You decisively nodded and resolutely said, “Yes, You’er was not playing around. From now on, if grandfather or uncle goes onto the battlefield, You’er will follow along.”

Old General Mu and Mu YingYi saw Zi You even brought back people. They then realized she wasn’t playing around. She had real intentions.

Old General Mu was happy and excited, but also deeply concerned. Great Yan never had women on the battlefield. Even Dier disguised herself as a man and secretly followed along.


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