Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 99 The Malicious Woman Has Evil Thoughts Again [1] Part 1/5

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She took a bit of the medicine and tasted it. Then Zi You helped Wang Yiping up. “The temperature is just right. Come, mother. Drink the medicine.”

Wang Yiping pushed it away. She said weakly, “Have Imperial Doctor Qin come over. It’s not that mother doesn’t trust you, but you just started studying medicine. Can you do it?”

Nee Liu walked in and heard her words. She was immediately displeased. “Sister-in-law, you really shouldn’t suspect You’er’s medical skills. If not for her, you and your brother would have died from venom. The doctor even said that it was fortunate You’er treated you in time. Also, You’er’s prescription is very proper. It’s even more meticulous in consideration than his own. You don’t know how scared You’er was when she saw you bitten by a snake today. Seriously, if I have such a filial daughter, I will laugh in my sleep.”

Since Nee Liu said so much, Wang Yiping couldn’t insist anymore. She could only gulp the medicine down.

Zi You considerately put a candied fruit in her mouth. She sweetly said, “Father wanted to tell you to take care of yourself. He can’t get up so he can’t come see you. He tells you not to get angry. Mother, daughter will tell you a story now. Sleep well after you hear it. It won’t hurt when you’re asleep. Once upon a time…”

Zi You added sleeping agents to the medicine. Wang Yiping indeed fell asleep shortly. Zi You tucked her quilt in and walked outside.

Outside, ShiYun deliberately lowered her voice, but Wang Yiping’s maidservants still heard her. “Xiaojie, why did you lie to First Furen? First Laoye listened to the yiniangs’ words and knew that First Furen was bitten by a snake. He clearly and angrily scolded, ‘Why didn’t it bite her to death? Slut!’ But since you lied to her, what will we do if Laoye never comes to see Furen?”

Zi You seemingly sighed and faintly said, “What else can I do? Poor mother! If she finds out father said such words, how can she be at ease to recuperate? Father, really… how can he listen to those yiniangs? Ai…”


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  1. sabruness December 13, 2019 / 11:13 pm

    If he never comes to see her yet she miraculously gets pregnant, they’d need to have rocks in their head not to realize the obvious scenario of him being cuckolded. XD

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