Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 99 Part 5/5

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Shui YouLian’s heart sneered, but her expression was gentle. Her voice became more enchanting, “It is Lian’er’s blessing to meet Laoye. Lian’er is very content just to be by Laoye’s side like this. Lian’er dare not ask for anything else. With Laoye’s family background, talents, and character, Laoye is worthy of a noble xiaojie.”

Mu YingRui loved hearing these words. He caressed Shui YouLian and his ** rose up. He gloomily howled, “My punishment by the boards is all that slut’s fault. I can’t sleep with you now.”

Shui YouLian secretly scolded him as a rogue. She pretended to be bashful and started to massage Mu YingRui again.

With Shui YouLian’s work and constant influx of information, it would be strange if Mu YingRui would have a good impression of Wang Yiping again.

As for that Liu Yanhong, Zi You had her kneel in Wang Yiping’s courtyard. Her kneeling angered Wang Yiping into hiccupping. Afterwards, the place that Weishali bit started hurting as much as if her heart was being drilled.

She could not have Liu Yanhong get up, because Mu Zi You was taking revenge for her. But that yatou kneeling there was a constant reminder of the humiliation she suffered today.

Thinking that Liu Yanhong was her mother Bai Yiniang’s nurtured confidant and maidservant, she was even more distressed and loathing.

Three days later, Wang Yiping’s sister, Yu Lanxuan’s mother, came with Yu Lanxuan to visit Wang Yiping.

Yu Lanxuan’s mother Wang Yaping was older than her sister by ten years. She was twenty-six years old this year and looked a lot like Bai Yiniang.

Zi You felt that Nee Bai and her two daughters not only looked beautiful, but they were also very charming. They had an air of enchantment and carelessness about them that noble xiaojies did not have.

Maybe because of this, they attracted men in droves. It seemed like most men like this.

Wang Yiping looked at her sister and immediately was aggrieved. “Jiejie, meimei was framed. That day, fifth brother had something to discuss with me. He wanted to borrow money from me. But you know that I wasn’t in charge of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Your brother-in-law’s money isn’t in my hands either. Where would I get money? Fifth brother knelt to beg me. How can I have him kneel to me? I bent to help him, but unluckily the poisonous snake bit the both of us.”


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  1. fan63 December 16, 2019 / 9:37 pm

    That snake venom must have fried her brain. Yiping couldn’t think of a better lie???

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