Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 99 Part 4/5

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It was actually Wang Shengmin who helped him into the room. What exactly was the relationship between this man and Wang Yiping? Why was he involved everytime?

Such a coincidence, with so many suspicious points. Mu YingRui couldn’t help but be suspicious.

Shui YouLian came from a brothel. Observing and understanding body language was a must. Once she saw a non-comprehending, gloomy light in Mu YingRui’s eyes, she knew that Mu YingRui had grown suspicious about Wang Yiping.

Once trust between a husband and wife was broken, their relationship would soon have troubles.

Shui YouLian’s heart was happy, but she had an exceedingly indignant expression on her face. “It wasn’t only Furen’s maidservants who went today. Second Furen, Xiaojie, and her maidservants also went. They said that Furen could be saved thanks to Xiaojie. Without her searching for Furen and her decisive treatment, Furen would be in a dangerous situation. But Furen’s maidservant spread rumors that the snake that bit Furen was raised by Laoye’s deceased furen. Xiaojie released the snake to bite Furen. These words made Lian’er feel bad for Xiaojie. If this was really the case, then Xiaojie didn’t need to save Furen. Why would Xiaojie save her? Isn’t that superfluous?”

“Nonsense! That snake is long gone,” Mu YingRui scolded.

Shui YouLian continued to say, “Yes, the other maidservants said that Furen came out of her yiniang’s room with her clothes disheveled and hair untidy. Furen’s brother was like that too. He didn’t even wear socks on his feet. Besides, if you were sitting properly, how can a snake bite you on your thigh? And once bite, it bit two people. Could the two be dead asleep? One person was bitten and the other couldn’t evade it?”

“Slut!” Mu YingRui’s eyes held an ominous glint, as he yelled. “If she dares to deceive me, I’ll divorce her and make you the main wife.”


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