Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 99 Part 3/5

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Zi You smiled modestly. “Mother saved You’er’s life. You’er should be good to mother.”

She then lightly curtsied. She said to Mu YingRui, “Father, you can rest assured and focus on recuperating. I will take good care of mother.”

After Zi You left, Mu YingRui immediately asked Shui YouLian, “Did you hear someone say something?”

Shui YouLian pretended to have a guilty conscience. She said evasively, “No. Lian’er is here taking care of Laoye every day. What can Lian’er hear?”

“No, your words obviously held a different meaning earlier.” Mu YingRui looked at Shui YouLian. He grabbed her arm and asked, “Tell Ye. What do you know?”

Shui YouLian hesitated. She reluctantly said, “Laoye, your injuries aren’t healed yet… Listening… why would you want to listen to this nonsense? It’s better you don’t know.”

“Hurry and tell Ye.” The more she was like this, the more Mu YingRui wanted to know. He apparently lost his patience. His voice raised an octave.

Shui YouLian rushed over. She tearfully patted his chest. Feigning anger, she said, “Why so impatient? Lian’er will say it. Don’t be angry, Laoye. Lian’er… Lian’er will be distressed.”

After Mu YingRui was caressed by such a charming and delicate beauty, his anger dissipated a lot. His voice was also gentler. “Hurry and tell Ye. Ye doesn’t want to be confused and treated like a monkey.”

Mu YingRui thought about that time he was drunk at Duke Yingguo fu. Wang Shengmin helped him into a warm room. He woke up to find Wang Yiping naked and lying in the same bed as him. There were spots of red blossoms on the bedsheets.

Truthfully, he was dazed and confused and had a wet dream. He wasn’t very clear on whether he had intercourse with Wang Yiping or not.


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