Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 99 Part 2/5

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Wang Yiping’s maidservant Liulu and Nanny Song heard these words. They waited until Wang Yiping woke up and told her every word. Wang Yiping was furious. She hated Mu YingRui even more.

Zi You left and went to Mu YingRui’s study.

Mu YingRui looked at her red eyes and couldn’t help but ask, “What is it? Did your mother scold you again?”

Zi You shook her head. She said with a face full of guilt, “Blame me for my poor medical skills. I can’t help mother immediately to alleviate her pain. That’s why mother didn’t believe You’er and refuses to drink You’er’s prescribed medicine. Father, I really hate that Wang Shengmin! The snake bite just happened to be on the thigh area. No wonder people were suspicious. Fortunately, mother was unconscious at the time. If she was awake, wouldn’t she be angered to death? Even I can’t listen to such disgusting words.”

Mu YingRui thought of his father telling him with a displeased face: “Your wife can really cause trouble! After returning to her maiden family, she not only threw You’er aside, but stayed in her yiniang’s room alone with her brother. I don’t even know what happened, but the two can both be bitten on their thighs by a poisonous snake. Fortunately, You’er found her in time and saved her. Otherwise, she would have died. At the very least, she’s from a noble household. Doesn’t she know that men and women should maintain distance? She needs to avoid him even if he is her own brother!”

Mu YingRui couldn’t help but frown. He asked suspiciously, “When you saw your mother, were her clothes tidy?”

Zi You thought for a bit. She blankly shook her head. “Daughter was focused on providing treatment and didn’t pay attention.”

Shui YouLian said in a small voice, “Laoye, don’t ask Xiaojie that. Xiaojie is still young. What does she know? Laoye should ask older maidservants.”

Then she smiled at Zi You. “Xiaojie, you’re really kind! You’re so thoughtful towards others. Anyone who thinks you have a bad heart is immoral.”


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