Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 98 The Cat-and-Mouse Game Has Just Begun Part 1/4

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A fifteen-year-old yatou knelt in front of Zi You, watching Zi You leisurely drink tea. Zi You didn’t ask her questions or interrogate her. The yatou felt a pressure like she never had before. Cold sweat fell down her face like rain.

She tearfully and anxiously asked, “What does Xiaojie want to do?”

After thirty minutes, Zi You finally put her teacup down. She lazily said, “I wanted to save you. I’m kind and don’t like seeing people suffer. The matters today originally had nothing to do with you, but you were beaten, scolded, and sold. Aren’t you angry? Don’t you feel mistreated?”

Liu Yanhong thought about how her parents, younger brother, and younger sister were still in Née Bai’s hands. She could only shake her head and said in a small voice, “It was Nubi who was greedy. Nubi doesn’t feel mistreated.”

Zi You lightly smiled, as seductively as a black poppy at night. Her voice was gentle like springtime. But all this made Liu Yanhong feel cold from the inside out. “Is that so? Then mother being bitten by a snake is all thanks to you. Okay, then I will throw you into a snake pit. I’ll let you experience being bitten by tens of thousands of poisonous snakes. How about it?”

“Don’t!” The little yatou shrilly screamed in fear. “Nubi was wrongly accused. Nubi was wrongly accused. Wuu… In fact, Nubi did not know that Eighth Xiaojie and Fifth Shaoye were in Bai Yiniang’s bedroom. It was Bai Yiniang who used Nubi’s family to threat Nubi and have Nubi lie.”

Zi You leaned back in her chair. She looked at this accomplice who harmed her and caused her miserable death in her previous life. She casually played with the weapon in her hands.

She gave this weapon a very pleasant-sounding name: Flying Blood Ring.

A ring with a chain was on her finger. When the ring flew out, the mechanism was triggered. Sixteen blades of knives would fly out. Each blade would slice the target into bloody pieces.

If it was on your head, your body would say goodbye to your head forever.

This had the same premise as Qing Dynasty’s Yongzheng Emperor’s “Xuedizi [legendary mythical weapon].” But Zi You’s Flying Blood Ring was cleverer and more overbearing.


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