Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 98 Part 4/4

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Liu Yanhong was very happy. She kowtowed gratefully. “Nubi thank you, Xiaojie!”

Zi You waved her hand and slowly said, “Furen knows about you and is easily  jealous. Fifth Yiniang had not officially held a wedding ceremony with my father yet and was tortured half to death by Furen. It is up to you how you get along with Furen later. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

Liu Yanhong gritted her teeth and answered, “Rest assured, Xiaojie. Nubi will not let Xiaojie down.”

“En. MoYun, take her to her room. After she’s settled in, bring her to Furen’s for her orders.” Zi You walked outside as she talked.

Nanny Luo waited until MoYun left with Liu Yanhong. She couldn’t help but ask, “Why doesn’t Xiaojie tell Lao TaiYe the matter of Furen’s adultery? To think that she wanted to talk about etiquette and rules in front of Xiaojie!”

Since Wang Yiping injured Zi You, Nanny Luo hated Wang Yiping. Now that she heard that she was such a slut, she was even more angered.

Zi You looked her suppressing her anger and lightly smiled. “A cat chasing a mouse wouldn’t immediately eat it. It would play for a long time before eating. If we get rid of her, who knows what kind of woman Laoye would bring back? If I have to investigate from the beginning, I rather deal with this one. Don’t be angry. Watch how I will take care of her. The cat-and-mouse game has just begun.”

Nanny Luo let out a sigh of relief and smiled.

Zi You returned to Hundred Herb Garden. She concocted a medicine that can promote pregnancy. She told ShiYun, “Boil it personally and don’t leave. Give it to me when it’s done. Throw the dregs away and don’t let anyone see.”

Slut! The medicine I give you will make you pregnant with Wang Shengmin or Imperial Doctor Qin’s child. If Laoye is suspicious, no matter how much you lie, you won’t be able to explain.

You accused me of adultery in my previous life. I will return the favor this lifetime. I want the whole world to ridicule you. It’s best if you and your lover are stripped naked and drowned in a wicker basket!

Zi You covered up her hatred. She took the medicine ShiYun brought over and took it to Wang Yiping’s room.

Zi You didn’t use a lot of poison so Wang Yiping was already awake. But dizziness, nausea, and pain from her thigh tormented her miserably.

With a face of concern and sadness, Zi You walked over to her bed and softly asked, “Are you in pain, mother? Daughter brought that darned Liu Yanhong back. She caused you so much suffering. Daughter will definitely avenge you. Daughter will have her kneel in your courtyard for three days and nights.”

She then took her pulse. A quarter of an hour later, she clapped her hands. “Thank goodness… the snake venom in mother’s body is gone. As long as mother consumes the medicine daughter concocted, you will get better.”


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