Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 98 Part 3/4

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Zi You couldn’t help but want to laugh. She didn’t expect that Mu YingRui’s beloved furen was so promiscuous and licentious that she made him a cuckold with so many people.

Interesting. But how did that woman not get pregnant from sleeping with so many men?

Come to think of it. Wang Yiping in her previous life seemed to have been taking tonics to nurture her body. Imperial Doctor Qin prescribed the medicines. It seemed like there must be more to the story.

“Your Eighth Xiaojie is not afraid of getting pregnant?” Zi You continued to ask.

Liu Yanhong bit her lips and muttered, “Eighth Xiaojie was always consuming contraceptive medicines. The last time she returned, Eighth Xiaojie asked Imperial Doctor Qin for a solution. She had not gotten pregnant since she was married. Imperial Doctor Qin told her that she consumed the contraceptive medicines for too long and it was inadvisable for her to get pregnant. Eighth Xiaojie was so anxious she started crying. Imperial Doctor Qin had to coax her for a long time and promised to nurture her body before she stopped.”

Coax? Onto the bed? Zi You laughed in ridicule. Then she said to Liu Yanhong, “You are my personal maidservant from now on. Don’t tell anyone what happened today. Work for me obediently and I will think of a way to rescue your family from Née Bai and reunite you with them. Otherwise, the dead mice in front of you will be your family’s ending.”

Liu Yanhong shuddered and nodded to show her loyalty. “Nubi will remember Xiaojie’s orders.”

Zi You lazily nodded. “En. I bought you with the excuse of avenging mother, so I cannot treat you well in the near future. Otherwise, others will be suspicious. You can be a rough-work maidservant and do rougher work.”

“Yes, Xiaojie.” Liu Yanhong secretly lamented over her unluckiness. She was a first-rank maidservant with Bai Yiniang and had two maidservants who waited on her. She already experienced being waited on. How could she be willing to do rough work?

Zi You saw her lowered head. How could she not know what Liu Yanhong was thinking? She continued slowly, “It’s only temporary. After a while, I will promote you to second-rank maidservant. I will think of a way to send you to Furen’s [Wang Yiping] side. You must seize the opportunity to catch Laoye’s [Mu YingRui] attention. I will find a way for you to become Sixth Yiniang.”


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  1. fan63 December 13, 2019 / 1:07 pm

    Tempted by the promise of replacing her mistress,???What a great gift! That is if you live long enough to receive it.

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