Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 98 Part 2/4

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Liu Yanhong did not know martial arts so she did not see how Zi You sent the shiny ring in her hands flying out. She saw a silver flash and a dead mouse whose head was severed from its body fell in front of her. Soon, seven or eight dead mice fell around her, scaring her out of her mind and causing her to urinate over herself.

Zi You’s maidservants laughed.

While playing, Zi You asked, “Does your Eighth Xiaojie meet with Fifth Shaoye every time she goes to the fu? What is their relationship?”

Liu Yanhong looked at the smiling girl in front of her as if she was looking at a demon. How could she dare to hide anything? She could only cry in her heart, ‘Father, mother, it’s not that daughter doesn’t care about you. It’s that daughter fell into the hands of a female devil. Daughter doesn’t want to die.”

She then truthfully replied, “Eighth Xiaojie and Fifth Shaoye… long before Eighth Xiaojie married, they already had an intimate relationship… Intimate relationship of the flesh. Eighth Xiaojie can marry your father only due to Eighth Xiaojie, Fifth Shaoye, and Bai Yiniang’s scheme. At first, your father liked Eighth Xiaojie, but your grandfather objected so he turned down Eighth Xiaojie. But later Eighth Xiaojie got your father drunk and did… that. Your father had no choice but to ask your grandfather to marry Eighth Xiaojie again. Actually, the virgin blood then was chicken blood. When she was thirteen, Eighth Xiaojie had already… been played with by Fifth Shaoye. Fifth Shaoye and Bai Yiniang also have a relationship. They said that if Nubi reveals the truth, Fifth Shaoye would destroy Nubi’s innocence. If Nubi dared to betray them, they would kill Nubi’s family. Xiaojie, Nubi did not lie to you. Nubi really had no choice, but to… but to lie.”

They were really shameless! Mother and daughter were sluts! Zi You sneered scornfully. She continued to ask, “What is the relationship between Imperial Doctor Qin, mother, and Bai Yiniang?”

Liu Yanhong was startled. She looked up at Zi You to see her lazily reclining on her chair, with a gentle smile on her face. Liu Yanhong didn’t know why she felt very scared. She quickly lowered her head and quietly replied, “He is also Bai Yiniang and Eighth Xiaojie’s lover. However, Bai Yiniang doesn’t know that Eighth Xiaojie and Imperial Doctor Qin had an affair. Nubi also inadvertently found out. Once, Eighth Xiaojie was sick. Laoye invited Imperial Doctor Qin to treat Eighth Xiaojie. Nubi personally saw that while taking her pulse, Imperial Doctor Qin stuffed a note into Eighth Xiaojie’s hand. Nubi was suspicious so Nubi paid close attention to Eighth Xiaojie and Imperial Doctor Qin. That’s how Nubi discovered their affair.”


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