Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 97 Public Humiliation, I Won’t Let You Off, Part 1/9

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Wang Yiping was feeling dizzy and nauseous. Her whole left leg was numb and in pain. She didn’t answer Zi You’s questions and shouted to Née Bai, “Yiniang, save me! There’s a snake in your room. I was bitten by a snake…”

Her words weren’t finished, but she fainted…

At this moment, a crash sounded from the back room.

Duke Yingguo furen seemed to have understood something. She coldly smiled at Née Bai, “Bai Yiniang, there’s movement inside your room. Do you think the poisonous snake is still inside? Someone, come. Find the poisonous snake inside for me.”

They didn’t find a snake, but they found a man. Wang Shengmin’s clothes were also disheveled. His face also turned green and he too fainted.

This was interesting. Née Bai insisted that her daughter left. But now her daughter came out of Née Bai’s bedroom. Not only that, but her half-brother Wang Shengmin, from the same father, was also in the bedroom.

Although they were siblings, this was the ancient times. Even a seven-year-old daughter and her father couldn’t share the same seat. But the twenty-one-year-old Wang Shengmin and the seventeen-year-old Wang Yiping were alone and in their yiniang’s bedroom. Also, their clothes were disheveled and they were both bitten by a poisonous snake…

Hey… it was really hard for people to not let their imaginations run wild.

At this time, the houseguests saw that Duke Yingguo fu’s servants brought a doctor and hurriedly rushed towards Née Bai’s courtyard. They said that Eighth Xiaojie and Fifth Shaoye [young master, lord i.e. Wang Yiping and Wang Shengmin] were bitten by a poisonous snake. Out of concern, the houseguests all came to Née Bai’s courtyard.

Zi You was shedding tears, while treating Wang Yiping’s snake bite.

Née Bai was anxious. She loudly shouted, “Why aren’t you taking Eighth Xiaojie into the house?”

The servants were about to move Wang Yiping into the house, but Zi You tearfully stopped them. “You can’t move her. The venom will flow through the bloodstream even faster. Give me a torch and knife. I will treat mother’s wound! Wuu…”


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