Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 97 Part 9/9

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Zi You looked coldly at Liu Yanhong. Then she said to Duke Yingguo furen, “Then sell her to me, Waipo. She deceived mother and caused mother to be bitten by a snake. I want to avenge mother.”

Bai Yiniang was anxious. She coquettishly said to Duke Yingguo, “Laoye, bieqie also wants to avenge Eighth Xiaojie. This yatou had been by bieqie’s side. Bieqie had never mistreated her. Bieqie wants to ask her why she betrayed bieqie.”

Zi You knew Bai Yiniang’s intentions. She wanted to protect this darned yatou. I don’t think so.

Zi You immediately said to Duke Yingguo furen, “Waipo, you’re the female master of Duke Yingguo fu. How can you let a concubine be so impudent in front of guests? No wonder you think Waigong favors the concubine and neglects the wife. Zi You will plead injustice for Waigong. As granddaughter sees it, this is entirely your responsibility. If a concubine dares to be unruly in our General’s Manor, we would carry out the family laws.”

Duke Yingguo furen was exceedingly happy. She shouted, “Come, Bai Yiniang broke the rules. Carry out the family laws.”

Duke Yingguo was distressed. He started to stop her, but Zi You stepped in front of him. She whispered in reminder, “Does Waigong want to be accused of misconduct by the imperial censor again? Is it worth it for a little concubine?”

Old General Mu understood his granddaughter’s intentions. He went forwards to hold onto Duke Yingguo’s other arm. He urged, “Let’s go. I still have to settle accounts with you. Don’t just stay here.”

Old General Mu practiced martial arts, while Duke Yingguo was a civil servant. How could the latter shake him off? He was herded out like a little chick by Old General Mu.

Zi You saw that Duke Yingguo left, so she smiled at Duke Yingguo furen. “Waipo, you’re doing the right thing. You can’t be softhearted when you should be firm. Granddaughter will take this Liu Yanhong away and send you the silvers tomorrow. By the way, how much is she worth?”

Duke Yingguo furen was a fan of money. She quickly replied, “100 silvers.”

Zi You pretended to be shocked and loudly exclaimed, “Ah! So expensive? Can a slave dealer afford her?” She shook her head as she left.

Duke Yingguo furen was left behind with a red face. She looked angrily at Bai Yiniang, ready to vent all her anger on her.

Liu Yanhong was brought to the General’s Manor and was not as calm.


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