Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 97 Part 8/9

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Duke Yingguo furen heard that Wang Yiping beat Zi You because Mu YingRui took in a concubine. She immediately exclaimed in exaggeration, “My good granddaughter, let Waipo take a look. How can such a thing happen? Heavens! How can that darned yatou be so jealous and unvirtuous? Her husband taking in concubines is right and proper. She not only shouldn’t have stopped him, but should have taken the initiative for her husband. Why did she beat you?”

Duke Yingguo was extremely embarrassed. He couldn’t be angry at Old General Mu and could only yell at his wife. “Why do you have to comment on everything?”

For many years, Duke Yingguo did not put his furen in his eyes. He was truly a muddleheaded person so favored the concubine and neglected the wife. Duke Yingguo furen was usually helpless when there were no outsiders around. But since Old General Mu was here today, she wanted to cause a disturbance and vent the anger in her heart.

Duke Yingguo furen looked at Duke Yingguo bitterly and hatefully. She lowered her voice, “You’ve said it before. We can’t defend or spoil. Look at Ping’er and her yiniang. What did Laoye spoil them into? She married into the General’s Manor and is still so arrogant and overbearing. Even relative-in-law is angered into wanting to divorce your precious daughter. You still won’t let me say anything. You’re the one truly favoring the concubine and neglecting the wife.”

Zi You quickly went in front of Duke Yingguo furen and took a handkerchief to wipe her tears. Using her martial arts, she whispered in her ear, “If Waipo wants to vent her anger, do what I say.”

After she finished, her voice turned louder and looked sympathetically at Duke Yingguo furen. “Don’t be sad, Waipo. Once You’er grows up, You’er will take good care of you. Waipo, You’er wants to ask a question. This maidservant called Liu Yanhong has committed such a big mistake. How are you going to punish her?”

Duke Yingguo furen was reminded by Zi You twice. She immediately and loudly said, “Such a darned greedy yatou. We don’t dare to keep her here. Just sell her.”


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