Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 97 Part 6/9

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Duke Yingguo looked at his furen. She immediately smiled evilly. “Laoye, don’t look at bieqie [this concubine]! Go ask your beloved qie, Bai Yiniang. From beginning to the end, it’s her, your precious daughter, and your precious son’s doing. She was the one who didn’t let your granddaughter [Zi You] into the house to look for your precious daughter. She was also the one who said that Ping’er left her courtyard. Laoye, why don’t we ask Bai Yiniang to come over and ask her what happened?”

Finally, Bai Yiniang was called over and she pushed all the blame onto Liu Yanhong. “It’s all this darned yatou’s fault. She received silvers from Fifth Shaoye and brought Ping’er to bieqie’s place.”

“Then why did Fifth Shaoye trick his sister to the room?” Old General Mu asked in puzzlement. His sharp eyes looked at Liu Yanhong and Bai Yiniang.

Liu Yanhong was scared until kowtowing. She stammered as she explained, “Fifth Shaoye likes… likes Mu Xiaojie… Mu Xiaojie’s maidservant, ShiYun guniang. He wanted Eighth Xiaojie [Wang Yiping] to marry ShiYun to him as a concubine. He also used a poisonous snake to threaten Eighth Xiaojie… Who knew that he lost control and they were both bitten?”

“Animal!” Old General Mu scolded. “He is You’er’s uncle. How can he be so preposterous and shameless?”

Duke Yingguo and his furen both apologized. Bai Yiniang tearfully hit Liu Yanhong. “You darned yatou! Did I not give you enough gold and silvers? Why are you greedy? Why did you help Fifth Shaoye? Speak, speak!”

Zi You looked at Duke Yingguo fu’s performance and couldn’t help but secretly sneer. This Bai Yiniang was a character. She could actually come up with such an idea in a short period of time. Since Wang Shengmin was still unconscious from the poison, she blamed it all on him. Then she pointed the spearhead at her maidservant. This was still better than letting it be known that the siblings were ***. This way, she could also strike at Zi You.


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  1. fan63 December 10, 2019 / 12:54 am

    This web of deceit is getting bigger every minute. How can they believe this yatou’s explainanation?

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