Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 97 Part 5/9

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Old General Mu’s face was very ugly. He said to a servant, “Bring First Furen back to the Manor. I want to personally ask my relative-in-law some questions.”

Duke Yingguo furen looked at Old General Mu’s gloomy face and cold aura and was a little nervous and afraid.

She let out a smile uglier than crying. “Please ask, relative-in-law. I won’t hide anything from you.”

Old General Mu nodded. “Good. Let’s sit down and invite Duke Yingguo out too. I have some words that I must say to you.”

Duke Yingguo furen’s face turned more awkward. She fiercely glared at Née Bai. Then she said to some servants, “Invite Laoye [Duke Yingguo] and relative-in-law Laoye to the study.”

At the study, Duke Yingguo was also there. He foolishly asked, “What’s the matter? Wasn’t relative-in-law too busy to come for the banquet? Why are you here?”

Old General Mu had always looked down on Duke Yingguo. It wasn’t because the latter’s family was in decline, but rather because he was lustful and improper.

Therefore, Old General Mu used the excuse that he had military duties to not come to the banquet. But the guards around Née Liu ran back to report that: “Lao TaiYe, First Furen was bitten by a snake. Xiaojie is currently providing treatment. Second Furen asks this servant to invite Lao TaiYe and Second Laoye over.”

Old General Mu came over, not because he was worried about his daughter-in-law’s injuries, but because he was worried that Zi You wouldn’t be able to handle Duke Yingguo fu bullying her if Wang Yiping was in some trouble.

Old General Mu didn’t answer Duke Yingguo’s question. He directly asked, “Excuse me. What are the rules for Duke Yingguo fu? A daughter who married can stay in the same bedroom with her brother and their yiniang doesn’t know? What can a brother and sister have to talk about that they can’t discuss outside in public? How can they both be bitten by a poisonous snake? Where did a poisonous snake come from in a bedroom?”


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