Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 97 Part 4/9

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Zi You bowed and replied, “Thanking Taizi for the praise. But Chennu is not worthy. Chennu’s medical skills are very far off from Chennu’s mother.”

Taizi’s eyes were full of admiration. “En, not arrogant. You’re certainly worthy of being a military family’s descendant. How did your mother know how to treat poisonous snake bites?”

Zi You calmly and unhurriedly replied, “My mother once lived in Nanjiang. Poisonous snakes roamed free there. Almost everyone knew how to treat snake bites. It’s nothing strange. My mother was originally a doctor. She naturally had to master all sorts of medicals skills. How could she treat people otherwise?”

Yu Meilian immediately asked, “Didn’t you say before that your mother was not from Nanjiang?”

Zi You looked mockingly at her. She coldly smiled, “Are Yu Xiaojie’s ears hard of hearing? Should Zi You help you check them? Those who lived in Nanjiang must be Nanjiang citizens? Then those who live in the capital must be from the capital? Other people can’t come to live here? Tens of thousands of Great Yan citizens live in Nanjiang. My mother was just one of them.”

“Then you aren’t afraid of snakes?” Taizi continued to ask. An unknown light flashed in his peach blossom eyes.

Zi You’s heart was alarmed. Was the person from last night sent by Taizi?

She was about to answer, but Old General Mu arrived. After paying respects to Taizi, he immediately looked his granddaughter over. He asked worriedly, “You’er, are you okay?”

Zi You shook her head. Her gem-like eyes emitted two ice lotus flowers. “You’er is fine, but mother was bitten by a poisonous snake.”

When Old General Mu was rushing over, he had already heard the whole story.

But he did not think that his daughter-in-law would be so shameless to *** with her brother. However, the fact that his daughter-in-law was with her brother in their yiniang’s bedroom with their clothes disheveled and both bitten by a snake, made him suspicious.


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