Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 97 Part 3/9

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Then she tore open Wang Yiping pants, exposing half of her thigh. She sterilized the knife by burning it on the torch. Then she cut according to the snake’s fang marks.

“Ah…” Although Wang Yiping was poisoned, she was in a half state of awareness. Zi You’s cuts made her wake up from pain and she shouted out.

Zi You made four cuts on her thigh. Then she started to squeeze blood out. Finally, she scalded the wounds. Afterwards she turned to Duke Yingguo furen. “Waipo, men and woman should maintain distance. Have someone use my method to treat uncle. Maybe he can be saved. If it’s too late, it will be dangerous.”

“Okay, okay.” Duke Yingguo furen was enjoying herself immensely. She said to her biological son Wang Huamin, “Go to your brother and save him according to your niece’s method.” She was laughing in her heart.

When the imperial doctor arrived, the two people’s wounds were properly treated already.

The imperial doctor looked at the wounds and took their pulses. Then he asked in surprise, “The poison has been treated. The method seems to be more appropriate than my own. Can I dare ask which gentleman provided treatment?”

Taizi and Shangguan LingRan both pricked up their ears.

Zi You stepped forwards and lightly curtsied. She replied, “Paying respects to this official. I’m the one who saved mother.”

The imperial doctor did not think that the person was a little guniang. He was momentarily stunned.

Taizi saw and immediately separated from the onlookers. He went from the back of the crowd to the front. The eyes he looked at Zi You with were as gentle as spring water. “Mu Xiaojie’s medical skills are really superb. Where did you learn them from?”


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