Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 96 Part 6/6

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Wang Yiping’s sharp eyes glimpsed Weishali’s tail. She loudly shouted in fright, “Snake… it’s a snake. A snake bit us.”

The two people lifted the quilt to look. Their thighs had two small holes. They were already turning black. They seemed like poisonous snake bites at a glance.

Wang Shengmin cried uselessly in fright. “It’s poisonous. It’s poisonous! It’s turning black. Go get help! I don’t want to die…”

Wang Yiping was panicked and flustered. She didn’t properly put her clothes on and ran out of the secret chamber.

She exited the secret chamber and arrived at Née Bai’s living room. Before she spoke, she was stunned.

Duke Yingguo furen, Née Liu, Zi You, and a lot of servants were standing in the living room.

Duke Yingguo furen was reprimanding Née Bai. “She left your place. How is it possible we can’t find her in the whole fu? Did…”

“Mother, where did you go? You’er couldn’t find you and was worried to death.” Zi You saw Wang Yiping with disheveled clothes and messy hair and immediately called out.

Wang Yiping was panicked and blocked by her Di mother, dimei, and daughter. She was angered that she couldn’t rush over and tear Zi You into pieces.

But she didn’t have that ability, however. The speckled king cobra’s venom was highly toxic. Plus, Weishali had been fed special herbs by Dier and Zi You. Its venom was ten times higher in toxicity.


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