Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 96 Part 5/6

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Zi You found Née Liu. In front of Duke Yingguo furen and the other furens, she said to Née Liu, full of concern, “Aunt, it’s really strange. Mother said she was going to visit Bai Yiniang. But it had been so long and I didn’t see her come out. I was worried so I went to find her at Bai Yiniang’s. But Bai Yiniang said that mother had long left. ShiYun and MoYun searched all over Duke Yingguo fu and couldn’t find mother. Aunt, did something happen to mother? My eye is twitching. I’m worried!”

Duke Yingguo furen immediately turned to her maidservants. “Why aren’t helping my granddaughter look? How can a grown person be missing? Hurry and search. What kind of person would leave her dimei and daughter and disappear?”

Zi You tearfully begged, “Waipo, when you find mother, you must not blame her. Otherwise, granddaughter will be sad.”

The noble furens there called Zi You filial. She was so concerned about her stepmother. She really was more intimate with her than a biological daughter.

As everyone clamored to search for Wang Yiping, Wang Yiping and her fifth brother were dispersing.

The two were reluctant to part and kissed for a while. Wang Shengmin vulgarly asked, “When will you come back next time? Don’t you want children? Don’t worry. Gege will find a way to get you pregnant.”

Wang Yiping pushed him. She coyly and coquettishly said, “Hateful! That old man will be leaving soon. You must get me pregnant before he leaves so I can blame it on him. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be a dead giveaway?”

“I know. I’ll find a way to have you come back often.” Wang Shengmin was talking and searching for his clothes.

Neither person had noticed that Weishali had slithered onto the bed. It climbed onto each of their thighs and “kissed” each of them. Then it quickly slipped away.

“Ouch!” The two sharply screamed. “What bit me?”


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