Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 96 Part 4/6

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Née Bai chattered on long-windedly for twenty minutes. A little maidservant came in halfway to refill the tea. Zi You saw that this was the Liu Yanhong who collaborated with Yu Lanxuan to harm her and betray her in her previous life.

Zi You endured and endured until she stopped herself from hitting Liu Yanhong. She smilingly praised, “Née Bai is so beautiful. Even your maidservants are full of life; much better than my four maidservants.”

Liu Yanhong smiled proudly.

“Xiaojie is the beautiful one. Nubi [this slave] have never seen a xiaojie who is as beautiful as you.”

And just like in Zi You’s previous life, Liu Yanhong’s words were as sweet as honey. It was these sweet words that fooled her and made her treat Liu Yanhong as a confidant.

Zi You deliberately laughed very happily. She said to Née Bai, “I really like this little yatou. Would Née Bai…?”

“Xiaojie, Nubi have searched all over Duke Yingguo fu and can’t find Furen.” At this time, ShiYun and MoYun came in and interrupted Zi You’s words.

Zi You deliberately and anxiously shouted, “Ah! How can that be? What are you standing around for? Go tell Aunt and Duke Yingguo furen. Then search everywhere. If something happens to mother, I’ll hold you responsible!”

Regardless of how Née Bai shouted behind Zi You, “It’s the middle of the day. What can happen? You don’t need to inform Duke Yingguo furen. Nothing will happen to your mother.”

Zi You kept walking fast. She commanded Weishali, “Weishali, block the two and bite them.”


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