Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 96 Part 3/6

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Zi You said to ShiYun and MoYun, “You two go find mother. See if she’s with Duke Yingguo furen. I will stay here and rest a bit before I go. You two be careful and don’t mess around or forget your manners. If you can’t find her, then return.”

Out of sight, she made gestures at the two. Zi You’s meaning was for them to hurry back, stay together, and do not separate.

In her previous life, it was today that something happened to ShiYun and it was also because she was looking for Wang Yiping. As a result, ShiYun did not find Wang Yiping, but found trouble and was *** by Wang Shengmin.

Now that she thought about it, it must be because ShiYun discovered Wang Yiping and Wang Shengmin’s adultery. So Wang Yiping let that beast in human clothing harm her.

And now Wang Yiping and Wang Shengmin were both here. Zi You could feel that Weishali’s breath was in the vicinity. It seemed like this courtyard was hiding something. I am going to stay here today. I want to see where Wang Yiping will emerge from.

Seeing Zi You sit down and not leave, Née Bai’s face started showing panic. She lightly laughed. “It’s better if Xiaojie leaves. If Duke Yingguo and furen find out that you’re staying at my place, I’m afraid you will be embarrassed.”

Zi You shook her head and smiled innocently. “No, Waipo treats You’er very well, just like a biological waipo.”

Née Bai was angered until her teeth ache. Like a biological waipo? That old thing was so horrid. Where is she kind? It is obvious she wants to rope in this little yatou to go against Ping’er.

Thinking of this, Née Bai immediately started speaking of Duke Yingguo furen’s malevolence. She even forgot that her daughter was *** with someone in the secret chamber.

“Xiaojie, there are people who appear to treat you well, but have motives. Don’t be fooled. How can Duke Yingguo furen treat you like her biological granddaughter? Only I treat you sincerely. You don’t know that your mother was frequently beaten by Duke Yingguo furen when she was a child. Even when I think about it now, I still feel distressed…”


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