Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 96 Part 1/6 Brother and Sister Are Kissed By a Snake

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CLICK HERE TO SEE A SPOILER/ WARNING! NSFW Warning: The following contains references to s*xual intercourse and/or inc*st. If you are underage or this bothers you, please do NOT read. You have been warned.

Truthfully, this old woman was really a **. Her skin was soft and tender and resembling silk. Touching it was wonderful. [It said ** in the raws.]

His only regret was that her skin was turning yellow and not very white. However, when the lights were off and everything was black, then he couldn’t tell.

Her plump meat buns pressed under his body was more comfortable than Wang Yiping’s thin, bony body.

And Wang Yiping did not have as many bed tricks as her old vixen mother.

Née Bai was worthy of her actress’ origins. Her many tricks amazed him. Her “mandarin ducks play,” “a pair of birds flying together,” “old tree overthrown…” It was so exciting!

But no matter the stimulation, the fact that one was his Shu mother and one was his half-sister, brought him immense ***. Just thinking about that, even without ***, he could go for half an hour.

It had already been more than half a month since she had been with Mu YingRui. If Née Bai and Wang Shengmin had not tangled in the morning, he wouldn’t have withstand it and pounced onto Wang Yiping.

Because he just vented, Wang Shengmin’s little yellow eel was tired. It took a long time for it to raise its head. Since Wang Yiping was constantly being rubbed by him, she was already flooded.

While licking his mouth, Wang Shengmin spoke filthy things that would disgust people to death. Also, that mouth that smelled slightly fishy spat into Wang Yiping’s mouth.

Wang Yiping was not disgusted, but was stimulated until she wailed like a stray cat!


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