Rebirth of the General's Granddaughter Chapter 95 Part 5/5

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Once she heard that, Wang Yiping couldn’t wait to get into Née Bai’s room. She did not see her mother’s jealous gaze.

In Née Bai’s room, she opened the closet door. The entrance to the secret chamber was behind the closet.

Wang Yiping entered the closet and just walked into the secret chamber when she smelled a strange fishy smell. Before she had time to take a deeper sniff, she fell into the arms of a man.

The familiar, but rather like a palace eunuch’s voice whispered in her ear. “Ping meimei, Ping meimei, I missed you to death.”

A paw had already inserted itself into Wang Yiping’s clothing and assailed her “oranges.” His mouth was also not idle. It bit Wang Yiping’s red lips…

Wang Yiping quickly and softly reclined into his arms. She let him do whatever he wanted. She was reluctant to ask questions about what that strange odor was.

Her fifth brother Wang Shengmin saw that his half-sister from the same father was willing to let him play as he wished like a lump of clay. His pair of peach blossom eyes shone with a lustful glint.

Women were all disguised as innocent. One would know just looking at his meimei and father’s yiniang.

As long as you let her taste that overwhelmingly ecstatic feeling, even if you didn’t look for her, she would come to find you.

Bai Yiniang and her daughter were born lascivious. After he obtained Wang Yiping and Née Bai found out, Née Bai actually blackmailed him to sleep with her [Née Bai]. Otherwise, Née Bai would tell his father that he and his meimei did those kinds of things.

Haha… this was also exactly what he wanted. He was also curious how did Née Bai, who was more than forty years old, captivated and turned his father, Duke Yingguo, the old lecher’s soul upside down. Now she voluntarily offered herself up, he must carefully study.


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  1. sabruness December 9, 2019 / 5:47 am

    No wonder the family’s declining. Duke Yingguo’s being cuckolded by his concubine with one of his sons, that son is incestuous with one of his half-sisters and that daughter is also cuckolding her husband with other man as well. No wonder Duchess Yingguo hates Nee Bai and Wang Yiping. They’re promiscuous as hell.

  2. loullax December 15, 2019 / 6:13 am


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