Rebirth of the General's Granddaughter Chapter 95 Part 3/5

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Shangguan Lingluo was riding a tiger and couldn’t get off halfway. With a gloomy face, she could only snap, “Drag her away and hit her hard.”

The palace maids around Gongzhu immediately came over to pull Yu Lanxuan away. Yu Lanxuan couldn’t stay calm anymore. She loudly cried out, “You jiejie, save me. You jiejie, I’m afraid…”

Twenty hits with a board: her buttocks would certainly burst. Dear mother! In order to get close to Mu Zi You, this price was too high!

Zi You saw that Yu Lanxuan was so scared that her little face was bloodless. Zi You’s heart was so refreshed. But she feigned pity for her and walked in front of Yu Lanxuan. She tearfully said, “Meimei, it’s not that jiejie doesn’t want to beg for mercy, but we can’t let others look down on us, right? We won’t beg for mercy. Hit, then hit. Jiejie will find ways to treat your injuries. You have to be strong. You have to be brave. I will be here cheering you on.”

Yu Lanxuan almost spat out blood in anger. A trace of maliciousness flashed across her eyes. She secretly got angry at Shangguan Lingluo’s “reverse psychology trick.” If the boards really hit her buttocks, then wouldn’t she have died in vain?

At this time, Taizi came over. He frowned and said to Shangguan Lingluo, “Fourth meimei is bullying people again, right? How many times have I told you not to rely on your identity to run amok? Why don’t you listen? If you dare to be this way again, see if I won’t kick you out of the Palace.”

“Yes, your meimei won’t do it anymore.” Shangguan Lingluo saw Taizi and immediately withdrew her arrogance and became coquettish.

Her eyes contained thousands of charms. Added to her pretty and lovely little face, she became more enchanting.

Zi You noticed, but did not speak. She went over to curtsy to Taizi. “Chennu pays respects to Taizi Ye. Wishing Taizi Ye good fortune!”

Taizi extended a hand to help her up. Zi You dodged away imperceptibly.


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