Rebirth of the General's Granddaughter Chapter 95 Part 1/5 The “Reverse Psychology Trick” Failed

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Zi You respectfully and formally curtsied. She frankly said, “Chennu pays respects to Gongzhu! Thousands of good fortune to Gongzhu! Gongzhu is joking. Shizi Ye is of the noble, imperial family. Chennu dare not socially aspire to be with Shizi Ye. It should be someone like Gongzhu, who is a real golden phoenix.”

Zi You said her words with no intentions, but Shangguan Lingluo heard intentions. She thought that her secrets were seen through by Zi You and Zi You was deliberately taunting her. Shangguan Lingluo was bursting with anger.

She thought of that person’s advice and suppressed her emotions. With her face trembling and teeth gritting, she said, “Shizi is Bengong’s tangge. What does Mu Xiaojie mean?”

Zi You saw that she had a big reaction. She asked, rather baffled, “What? What did Chennu say wrong? Gongzhu is blue-blooded nobility so Gongzhu should naturally be paired with a dragon among men. Can ordinary people deserve Gongzhu? And Shizi Ye? He’s a dragon among men, so naturally Shizi Ye should be paired with a phoenix among women. Did Chennu say something wrong? Or…”

Shangguan LingRan ran over to Shangguan Lingluo. He shouted to Zi You, “Huh! At least you have self-knowledge. Whoever this Shizi Ye wants, it won’t be you, you ugly, silly little yatou.”

“Haha…” The xiaojies surrounding Shangguan Lingluo laughed in ridicule.

Yu Lanxuan was secretly sneering, but she put on a face of seeking justice for Zi You. She ran over to Zi You’s side and shouted to the xiaojies covering their small, cherry mouths and laughing, “Don’t laugh anymore. Can’t you see You jiejie is about to cry? Why do you keep bullying her? Is it because she’s pretty?”

Then she shed two crocodile tears and falsely said to Zi You, “I’m sorry, You jiejie! Can we still be friends? I was afraid of you being punished by Gongzhu that day so I… I…”

“What a good Yu Lanxuan. You dare to betray Bengong? Wait and see how I will take care of you!” Shangguan Lingluo angrily stamped her feet.

Yu Lanxuan deliberately straightened her small body and feigned a righteous appearance. She loudly replied, “You jiejie is not afraid of you. I’m also not afraid you. Don’t think I would submit to you.”

Shangguan Lingluo pointed to her and angrily shouted, “Someone, come! Drag this darned yatou and hit her twenty times! She dares to contradict me. How insolent!”


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