Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 94 Part 5/5

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Zi You looked at him getting flustered and became gentler. She delicately looked at him and revealed a demonically charming smile. Her voice also became cuter and sweeter. “Shizi Ye, there are no outsiders here. What are you afraid of? Don’t worry. I won’t tell Fourth Gongzhu.”

 With her back to the noble xiaojies, Zi You’s eyes gradually turned purple. She looked bashfully, tenderly, and charmingly at him. Countless charms gathered on her face. This caused Shangguan LingRan’s useless and traitorous heart to jump in confusion. He clearly knew that the poppy flower was poisonous, but he could not resist her temptation. His feet didn’t listen to him and walked towards her…

Zi You waited for him to get close and shouted loudly, “Shizi Ye, even though you helped me, you still can’t be a hoodlum!”

This way, combined with Shangguan LingRan’s poor character, people would certainly believe her words. If she attracted attention due to her spiritual powers later on, some of it could be dispersed onto Shangguan LingRan. No one could distinguish what was truth and what was false then.

Zi You’s wishful thinking was calculated well, but she did not succeed.

She had a black belly, but Shangguan LingRan did not lose out. Seeing Zi You enchant him and smiling mischievously at him, he leaned over and said, “What? You want to bewitch this Ye? Unfortunately, you’re too young. You little green unripe fruit still have a long ways to go before you can bewitch this Ye. Wait after you grow up in two or three years.”

Hearing him say that she hadn’t grown up yet, Zi You’s anger rose. She hated she couldn’t go up and bite him a few times. But she still had an innocent and naïve smile on her face. “Shizi Ye finished growing? Where is it? Let everyone see.”

This time it was Shangguan LingRan’s turn to be stunned. He looked at Zi You like he was looking at aliens. He was utterly speechless.

At this time, Fourth Gongzhu Shangguan Lingluo and her cronies came over. She smiled, but with sharp eyes. She looked at Shangguan LingRan and Zi You and said acidly, “What are you talking about? Mu Xiaojie is filled with smiles. Do you perhaps like my tangge [older male patrilineal cousin]?”


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