Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 94 Part 4/5

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In less than two minutes, Weishali slithered over. He hissed twice and disappeared among the flowers.

Zi You looked around and saw no one. Then she slowly walked out, feigning a limp in her leg. She walked towards the pond.

She took two steps and heard a mocking laugh. “Two days without seeing you and you’ve become a cripple? That’s karma. Karma.”

Zi You looked. It was that “dandy” Shangguan LingRan again. She fiercely glared at him. She didn’t understand why his mother An Wangfei was such a nice person, but her son was so annoying.

He obviously wasn’t a bad person, but his words were harsh and taunting. He really needed to be taught a lesson.

Zi You ignored him and turned to leave. Shangguan LingRan jumped over and blocked her. He smiled, “What? Aren’t you very powerful? What’s happened today? You’ve become mute?”

Zi You wanted to strike him, but there were lots of people in the garden. A few xiaojies were even looking at her and Shangguan LingRan from close by. Therefore, she rolled her eyes and smiled sweetly at Shangguan LingRan. “Shizi Ye, thank you for that day. If you didn’t help and lured the birds and butterflies over, I wouldn’t be able to win against Fourth Gongzhu. Thank you for that torn robe. I will have my maidservants make another one for you.”

Her voice wasn’t loud, but it was enough for those few xiaojies to hear. Shangguan LingRan’s face turned black.

This bad yatou actually wanted to obscure the facts and bring the trouble to himself. If those evil pests, who wholeheartedly plotted to kill him, knew of this matter, who knew how they would harm him?

This little yatou was not old, but her heart was vicious. Shangguan LingRan looked at Zi You as if he was looking at ghosts. He refuted, “What nonsense are you saying? How can this Ye have the ability to attract birds and butterflies? Besides, even if Ye can do it, Ye would do it for fourth meimei. Would Ye do a favor for you outsider? Don’t think fancifully.”


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