Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 94 Part 3/5

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Click here to see a WARNING! This part has VERY SLIGHT mentions of inc*st. If this bothers you, please do NOT read.

Duke Yingguo furen saw that and deliberately hugged Zi You. “Good and obedient.” She really seemed to treat Zi You like her real granddaughter.

Wang Yiping really couldn’t watch anymore. She huffily stood up and said, “You’er, come here. Let’s go see my yiniang.”

 “Okay.” Zi You stood up and ran after her. She suddenly went “ouch” and fell down. “I’m sorry, mother. I twisted my ankle. You go first. I’ll be there soon.”

Wang Yiping was angered and really had an impulse to violently beat Zi You. She slowly walked over to Zi You and asked in feigned concern, “Is it serious?” Then she whispered, “Don’t tell the matters of the General’s Manor to old furen. Don’t think she’s good to you. She’s bad to the bone. She just wants to see General’s Manor’s as a joke.”

“Yes, mother,” Zi You rubbed her ankle and answered.

Wang Yiping was impatient. “Go rest by the rock garden. I will come find you later.”

With that, she hurriedly went to her yiniang’s courtyard. She sent a message yesterday to have her gege with the same father but a different mother, her father’s Third Yiniang’s son, to meet her in her mother’s room.

Her fifth brother Wang Shengmin had already obtained her when she was thirteen years old. The two maintained this relationship for more than three years.

Because she feared pregnancy, she consumed lots of contraceptive medicines. She was tangling with Mu YingRui day and night and still didn’t get pregnant. So it seemed that her using the contraceptive medicine year-round had an effect on conceiving.

But Imperial Physician Qin clearly said it wouldn’t cause infertility. It seemed that she needed to go see him one day and him examine her closely. Also, she would ask him if there was a way to kill off the old man and darned little wench [Old General Mu and Zi You].

But he would tangle with her again. That old man was already over fifty. Why was he still so voracious? He doesn’t want my mother, but want me. Tch. No man is really good.  

Wang Yiping sat in a sedan chair and scolded incessantly.

Zi You saw that Wang Yiping was far away. She went to the back of the rock garden. She used ventriloquism to say, “Weishali, follow her and see what she’s doing.”


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    Wow… seems like she’ll do any man with functioning “plumbing” even if they’re related. That gets out and she’ll be an utterly despised laughing stock.

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