Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 94 Part 2/5

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Duke Yingguo fu was a declining family and incomparable to Duke Anguo fu. Let’s not mention how they only had half of the guests. But there was almost no first- or second-rank furens there.

When Zi You followed Wang Yiping to pay their respects to Duke Yingguo furen, Duke Yingguo furen was very warm and enthusiastic towards Zi You. She pulled Zi You over by her side and said, with fake smiles, “Good child, come over and let Waipo [maternal grandmother] take a look. En, you’re thinner than the last time you were here. Why? Did your mother not take good care of you? Tell Waipo. Waipo will seek justice for you.”

Zi You hurriedly shook her head. She secretly glanced at Wang Yiping. She carefully said, “It’s not that mother didn’t take good care of me. It’s that I made mother mad. Mother…”

“Okay, if you don’t speak, no one will think you’re mute.” Zi You’s words weren’t finished, but Wang Yiping stopped her and glared at her.

Duke Yingguo furen immediately looked at her in displeasure. She blamed, “What do you mean? Are you giving me attitude? I’m showing concern for my granddaughter. What’s wrong with that?”

Concern for your granddaughter? That darned Mu Zi You and you have no relationship whatsoever. Why would you care about her? You just want to hear about me and laugh at me.

Wang Yiping’s face turned cold. She laughed strangely at Zi You. “Why aren’t you thanking your Waipo? See how much she cares about you? She cares about you more than her daughter: me. You are really blessed.”

Zi You couldn’t help but want to laugh. Not bad. Not bad. The enemy of an enemy is my friend. It seems like Wang Yiping and her Di mother’s relationship was awful. That’s great. I don’t have to directly confront Wang Yiping. I just have to “greet” “Waipo” more often. Wouldn’t “Waipo” make trouble for this lowly wench?

Zi You smiled as sweet as flowers. Her words seemed as if honey was added. “That can’t be it. You’er was always sorry that she didn’t have a Waipo. It’s great now. I not only have Waipo and Waigong [maternal grandfather], but also an uncle and aunt. It’s great.”

Zi You then pulled Duke Yingguo furen’s arms and leaned her head on the old woman’s shoulder. Her dreamy and admiring face angered Wang Yiping.


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