Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 94 Part 1/5 Black Belly VS Black Belly

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At this point, Zi You deliberately looked at Wang Yiping. Seeing her face turned green, Zi You’s heart was happy. She continued, “What ‘a pear blossom brings youth in the rain, a sixteen-year-old beauty marries.’ Aiyo. I feel dissatisfied for mother. Shui Yiniang cries like a pear blossom in the rain. But what does mother look like when you cry?”

The handkerchief in Wang Yiping’s hand was almost wrung to pieces. Her heart, liver, spleen, and stomach started paining all together. The sound of her gnashing teeth could be heard.

Zi You heard and feigned curiosity. “Mother, why are you gritting your teeth? Do your teeth hurt? Oh, that’s not good. Do we need to invite a doctor to take a look? Toothache is not an illness. The pain is unbearable.”

Wang Yiping faintly glanced at her. She expended much effort to spit out two words. “No need.”

“Oh.” Zi You pretended to be clever and obedient and pulled her along to the  horse carriage. Her heart was very happy. Let’s see if I can anger you to death, slut! Don’t you like pretending? Let’s see how long you can pretend for.

Née Liu saw the situation and happily smiled. You’er was so clever. If Dier could return and see her, Dier would be proud of her too.

Zi You and Wang Yiping sat in the horse carriage. Zi You thought that this was the time in her previous life that ShiYun was defiled by Wang Yiping’s brother. ShiYun wouldn’t be the beast’s little concubine, so she ended up dying tragically.

It was also this event that the traitorous maidservant Liu Yanhong took ShiYun’s place and became Zi You’s confidant.

This time, I will do my best to protect ShiYun and find a way to take care of that maidservant Yanhong.

Zi You pretended to doze off, but her heart was fully alert and vigilant against Wang Yiping plotting against her. She could even sense Wang Yiping glaring at her with gritted teeth.


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