Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 93 Part 6/6

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Wang Yiping went to see him several times. She met Shui YouLian there everytime and made her stand a long time while curtsying to Wang Yiping. Mu YingRui was distressed to death and would scold Wang Yiping.

They had only been married for less than a year. The past love he had for her had disappeared and ceased to exist.

It was indeed that you see a newlywed smiling, but not an old lover crying. You fickle heartless rat. Wait for me. See how I will make you a cuckold.

Besides you, there are many other people who like me. I don’t have to hang myself to death on your crooked tree. Wait and see. You were heartless first so don’t blame me for being unjust afterwards.

Wang Yiping looked in the mirror. Her skin was rather haggard and yellow. She picked up the powder on the table and ferociously applied it.

So when Zi You saw Wang Yiping’s made-up look, she was scared into almost tumbling over.

It was a ghost! She saw a white person, with spots of red, as if she had just drank someone’s blood, like a gaudily dressed ghost in a bright red dress. Standing in front of one with cold and gloomy eyes, even if the weather hadn’t turned cold, one’s bones would still be chilled.

Née Liu and Zi You looked at each other. Zi You suppressed the ridicule in her heart and walked over to hug Wang Yiping’s arm. She smilingly praised, “Mother is so beautiful today! Don’t you think so, Aunt?”

Née Liu could only nod. “Yes. Sister-in-law returning to her maiden family today would certainly be the envy of everyone. Very beautiful.”

Wang Yiping saw that the two didn’t seem to be mocking her, so she smiled proudly. “That, it’s still dimei [younger brother’s wife] who is beautiful. I’m afraid that when I reach dimei’s age, I won’t look as beautiful as dimei is now.”

She roundaboutedly called Née Liu old. Zi You immediately delicately chuckled and retaliated. “Yes, let’s not speak of how the age difference between mother and Aunt is more than ten years. Even if the age difference between Shui Yiniang and mother is two years, father still gifted a poem to her.”


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