Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 93 Part 5/6

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Then who was the intruder? What was his purpose in scouting the General’s Manor at night?

Thinking of this, Zi You broke out into a cold sweat. It seemed that from now on, she needed to increase her vigilance. Was it because she used her spiritual power at Duke Anguo fu that attracted the attention of different parties? Or was the Emperor uncertain about grandfather?

Regarding her spiritual power, she wasn’t too worried because sooner or later she would have to face that day. But she did not want anyone to find out that she could spiritualally communicate with animals and flowers. She didn’t even tell her closest grandfather. After all, it was an ancient form of Indian magic. Not all Great Yan people could understand or accept it.

If the Emperor or someone else wanted to harm her grandfather, then she needed to be more careful and on her guard. Those highly meritorious military officials were always an Emperor’s taboo.

It seemed like she needed to set up a battle array on her Hundred Herb Garden and grandfather and uncle’s studies.

Zi You couldn’t sleep. She pored through the books her mother left behind and once again studied a variety of ancient techniques.

She again felt how weak her strength was. If her ability was comparable to her mother and even her maternal grandmother, then was it possible to do what she wanted, when she wanted, without putting anyone in her eyes?

No. Mu Zi You, you must become powerful and put in the hard work. You cannot rest for even a moment.


August 22 was the day of Duke Yingguo fu’s banquet. Because Mu YingRui was injured, he could not accompany Wang Yiping there. She was so angry she almost gnashed her teeth into pieces. She cursed everyone in the Mu family in her heart again.

Thinking of Mu YingRui, Wang Yiping’s liver hurt from unbearable anger. Only ten days ago, that darned man who once pledged undying love to her, threw her aside in the blink of an eye. He and that Shui YouLian were as sweet as honey.


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