Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 93 Part 3/6

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The intruder was secretly afraid! This yatou was so young, but so poisonous! Using a viper as a weapon to attack people. Just one bite from a king cobra was enough!

The colored silk was filled with Qi [energy]. It was no longer soft. Every strike was like the blade of a sword. In addition to Weishali’s actions in front of the colored silk: opening his fangs, biting, and spitting out poisonous venom; it was really difficult for people to parry.

The intruder was angry. He scattered his unique Three Insect Corpse Powder on Zi You…

“Be careful!” Zi You smelled an unpleasant odor and wanted to dodge. But a person flew over. His right hand grabbed her waist and the soft sword in his left hand thrusted at the intruder.

The person who saved Zi You was left-handed. The thin, soft sword shimmered blue. Under the moonlight, it emitted a brilliant light. Every sword strike stabbed at the intruder’s vital points.

The intruder secretly trembled. He dared not fight. He hurriedly scattered Three Insect Corpse Powder again. Then he retreated and disappeared into the night with the blink of an eye…

Zi You saw him leave and did not give chase. The Three Insect Corpse Powder smelled really bad. She knew what it was. It used the corpses of poisonous insects to create a poison. Only the shamans in two Miao villages in Nanjiang knew how to make it.

And this second intruder didn’t seem to be hostile to her. But then why was he spying on her?

Fortunately, he held no ill intentions towards her. Otherwise, his martial arts were so high. She wouldn’t even know if he injured her.

Who were these two people? They actually dared to spy on the General’s Manor? Zi You frowned and was about to start asking questions. But she heard the man who saved her taunted, “Idiot! Are your spiritual powers just for exhibiting talents? Why didn’t you use them earlier?”


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