Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 93 Part 2/6

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“Is someone here? Weishali, go block him. If he dares to break in, bite him. Don’t be polite,” Zi You used her spiritual power to issue orders.

“Hiss.” Weishali obeyed. He slithered into the grass and quickly disappeared.

Zi You ended her cultivation practice. As light as a swallow, she flew into her study in Hundred Herb Garden. She changed into black clothing and masked her face.

As soon as she changed clothes, she heard Weishali’s panicked voice. “Master, he’s too powerful. I can’t stop him.”

“I’m coming,” Zi You answered and leaped out.

She quickly arrived to the front of Hundred Herb Garden. She saw that the person was dressed in black and masked like her. He was already in the front courtyard. He infiltrated step-by-step. He was about to quickly arrive at the gate between the front and middle courtyards.

Zi You did not ask him any questions. She knew even if she asked, he wouldn’t answer. She shot out a three-bone nail. Her Silver Light Rain was her last resort. She didn’t dare not to use it anymore. She was afraid she would have incriminated herself if her things were found in that bastard Zhao HongXiang’s knee.

The intruder was indeed not weak. He saw the concealed weapon shot at him and dodged. At the same time, he had to avoid Weishali’s attacks. For a time, he was busy and in a difficult spot. However, he still managed to evade.

Zi You saw that and was no longer polite. She pulled out colored silk and twisted it around Weishali’s body. Then the colored silk became a poisonous sword pointed at the intruder.


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