Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 93 Part 1/6 Someone Scouting the General’s Manor at Night

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She knew that to become like her grandfather and uncle and have good standing and reputation, she could not shrink back.

To be respected and stand at the highest peak looking down on everyone, she must be like her maternal grandmother Goddess Mari.

So she cultivated according to the books her mother left behind. Sometimes, she didn’t even sleep the whole night.

Zi You even gritted her teeth and ruthlessly vowed that she would surpass her grandmother Goddess Mari. At the time, she not only could call the wind and summon rain, but she could also rescue her mother Dier. At that time, a mother-daughter reunion would not be an empty dream.

The cobra Weishali practiced alongside Zi You. It was just that while Zi You was practicing, he acted more as a guardian because at times, the cultivator’s mind was highly concentrated. She could not be disturbed. Otherwise, her cultivation would backfire on her.

Weishali was very excited these few days because his master was getting better at refining pills. This was crucial to it taking on a human form.

At the same time, in the most famous brothel in the city, in the most famous geisha Lu Mudan’s room, a handsome young man masked his face, changed into black clothing, and opened the window, preparing to jump out.

Lu Mudan hurriedly grabbed him. She worriedly told him, “Be careful, little shishu [shifu’s (martial teacher) younger martial brother]! Shifu said that person has a very able person. You must be careful.”

The young man did not speak. He jumped out the window and disappeared into the night.

Zi You was about to end practice, but heard Weishali hiss in warning.


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