Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 92 Part 4/5

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“You can’t touch her!” Taizi hurriedly said. An image of that pretty figure being surrounded by one hundred birds and colorful butterflies appeared in his mind.

Now his fourth meimei Shangguan Lingluo wanted him to deal with Zi You. How was that possible? It wasn’t even enough for him to fawn over her. How could he make her unhappy? How could he hurt her?

Taizi thought for a long time. He finally went towards Taizifei’s courtyard.

She Yuejiao thought about everything that happened in Duke Anguo fu today. A ruminating smile appeared on her face.

Very good, Mu Zi You! This Taizifei wants to see what Taizi’s next move would be. But no matter who it is, if you want to take away this Taizifei’s future Empress’ throne, then this Taizifei will make you pay a blood price.

Thinking of this, She Yuejiao’s smile became ferocious and distorted, like a poisonous snake: very frightening.

Once she heard the cry of “Taizi is here” from outside, She Yuejiao’s smile immediately became quiet and gentle. She was a completely different person from the earlier woman.

She curtsied to Taizi and gently and sweetly said, “Qie [this concubine] pays respects to Taizi. Wishing Taizi Ye good fortune!”

Taizi and Taizifei were the same. Their smiles were gentle and their voices were as soft as spring water. “Jiao’er, you and I are husband and wife. Why are you so polite? Did you drink today’s prenatal medicine?”

“Not yet. Qie wants to wait until after dinnertime to drink it. Is that okay?” She sweetly and shyly snuggled in Taizi’s bosom and prettily asked.

A sharpness flashed across Taizi’s eyes. His smile grew wider. “Be good, dear! This is our first child. There can’t be the slightest bit of mishap. Quickly drink the medicine for optimal effect.”

He then said to the palace maids, “Bring your master’s prenatal medicine over.”


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