Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 92 Part 3/5

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At this point, Taizi whispered something into Shangguan Lingluo’s ear.

Five minutes later, Shangguan Lingluo lifted her head up and asked in surprise, “Really? She has supernatural abilities? That darned yatou, I said she was… Taizi gege, I know what to do.”

Taizi nodded in approval. He spoke gently and softly, “Good. That’s my good meimei. Go wash your face. I’ll bring you to a good place.”

Shangguan Lingluo bashfully smiled and left.

Only, when she turned her back to Taizi, she did not see that Taizi’s smile disappeared. In its place was an unknown gloominess.

When he came back today, he thought about the conversation he had with his trusted adviser, Miao shaman Darong Ka Dashi [great master]. As they talked, they couldn’t help but frown.

To be honest, at Duke Ango fu today, he was also shocked by Zi You attracting one hundred chirping birds and colorful flying butterflies!

Such a thing, no one had ever seen unless it was myths or legends. It was unimaginable.

So as soon as he returned to Taizi fu, he immediately sought out Darong Ka. He meticulously told everything about Zi You to the mysterious Miao shaman. He asked, “Dashi, does she have spiritual powers like you?”

Darong Ka was a well-known Miao shaman. He was male, forty-three years old, able to use gu poison [legendary venomous insect], and able to communicate with departed spirits. Taizi spent a lot of money to attract him from a Miao village in Nanjiang.

Darong Ka shook his head. He mysteriously said, “It’s not the same. From your words, it’s likely she has supernatural powers that can manipulate the souls of animals.”

“Animals have souls too?” Taizi’s mouth dropped open in shock.

Darong Ka lightly smiled. “Every living thing has a soul. Animals and plants do. Which one of Laonu’s [literally: this old slave] centipedes, scorpions, and poisonous snakes don’t have a soul? How can Laonu control them if they didn’t have souls? Whether this girl has supernatural abilities, let Laonu test her. Laonu just needs to release a gu. Once the gu is on her body, she would certainly use her spiritual powers to resist it. Then Laonu can detect it.”


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  1. sabruness December 9, 2019 / 2:46 am

    yeah, that’s a smart idea. Provoke someone who’s practically a demigoddess.

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