Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 92 Part 1/5 Each Harboring Their Own Intentions

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Zi You walked over and massaged Née Wei’s shoulders. She lovably said, “Godmother, we can’t do that now. You’er and Fourth Gongzhu argued so heatedly and now you’ve accepted You’er as your goddaughter. Fourth Gongzhu will certainly think that you are against her. With her meanness and petty mind, she wouldn’t fight openly with our Duke Anguo fu. But if she said some words filled with hidden meaning in front of the Emperor or Taizi, it would be annoying enough. It’s easy to avoid an obvious spear, but difficult to guard against a hidden stab. After all, jiejie is about to marry Taizi. She will become a daughter-in-law of the imperial family. It’s better to be careful.”

Née Wei looked at Liu Ruixue and sighed. “I’m really reluctant to let Xue’er be wronged in that She woman’s house. But the Empress Dowager put in so much effort that I couldn’t object. It’s really wronging Xue’er to death.”

Liu Ruixue thought that after marrying Taizi, she would be a concubine in front of She Yuejiao [Taizifei who will soon show up]. Her aggrieved eyes couldn’t help but redden.

Actually, her impression of Taizi had always been good. Regardless of appearance, character, or talents, he was outstanding. But thinking that she was marrying to be a cefei [side consort/ concubine], her heart had a trace of regret.

Cefei. To be blunt, it was a little concubine. Whether it was family background or personal talents, that She Yuejiao was almost the same as her. Why should she be below her?

After Zi You and Née Liu returned to the house, Old General Mu immediately asked Zi You seriously, “You’er, talk to grandfather. What happened at Duke Anguo fu today? Didn’t I tell you not to use your spiritual powers? Why didn’t you listen?”

Zi You knew she violated her grandfather’s orders. Her aggrieved eyes filled with tears. She told him how Shangguan Lingluo insulted her mother and provoked her. She angrily wiped her tears away and said fiercely, “One day… one day, I will be so strong that no one would dare to gossip about me! I will be so strong that everyone will be in awe!”

Zi You was angry and her eyes immediately turned purple. Her spiritual power naturally spilled out. The room’s objects were shaking and crackling.

Old General Mu wanted to go over to comfort her. But a powerful force stopped him, hindering his steps from moving forward.


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