Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 91 Part 4/5

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Née Wei was Zi You’s Aunt Liu’s wife of her male cousin via the female line. She got along very well with Née Liu, as if they were sisters-in-law.

Née Wei was also very angry after hearing about what happened in the garden. Wasn’t that slapping their Duke Anguo fu’s face? The General’s Manor and Duke Anguo fu were related and friends. Duke Anguo fu invited guests over today. Regardless of this relationship, you carelessly started scolding. What was the meaning of this?

Née Wei pulled Zi You and apologetically said, “Good child, you’ve been wronged. Let’s not bother with them. Wait for aunt [intimate address] to tell the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager will seek justice for you.”

Zi You respectfully curtsied. She gratefully said, “Thank you, auntie! But it’s better not to inform the Empress Dowager and put her in a difficult spot. After all, Fourth Gongzhu is the Emperor’s most loved daughter. If the Empress Dowager scolds her and Fourth Gongzhu complains in front of the Emperor, then wouldn’t even the Emperor be alerted? Zi You is not afraid of being punished by the Emperor. But I think this is a matter between us juniors. We have already solved it so there’s no need to tell the elders and have the elders worry. Also, auntie doesn’t need to be sorry. You didn’t know that Fourth Gongzhu would do such a thing. And even if you knew, her mouth is on her face. You can’t control it. So, this matter is unrelated to you. You don’t need to seek justice for You’er. Xue jiejie [Liu Ruixue] still needs to marry into the imperial family. She needs to be on good terms with them.”

If she didn’t remember incorrectly, Liu Ruixue was not happy being married to Taizi in Zi You’s previous life. After only two years, she passed away.

It was just that Zi You was not friends with Liu Ruixue in her previous life. She was not clear as to how she died. She seemed to have heard from Née Liu that Taizi doted on her, but brought her endless jealousy. Her life in Taizi fu wasn’t good. All of Taizi’s wives and concubines were against her.

What a bullsh*t Taizi! You couldn’t even protect the woman you love? This lifetime, they were good friends. She must safely protect her. Zi You secretly swore to herself.


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