Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 91 Part 3/5

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“Taizi gege, wait for me.” Shangguan Lingluo viciously glared at Zi You and hurriedly chased after Taizi.

The three friends Zi You made came over. They looked anxiously at her and shook their heads.

Liu Ruixue pulled Zi You over by the waterside. She whispered a warning. “Fourth Mei [Zi You’s the youngest among the four friends, hence ‘mei’ (younger siser)], you have to be careful in the future! Shangguan Lingluo will certainly seek revenge. She’s mean, sly, and petty. She’s also a gongzhu and close to Taizi. You’ve offended such a person. You have to be careful.”

Zi You nodded and held her hand. Her face was clear and cold, but she gratefully said, “I know, First Jie [first or oldest sister because Liu Ruixue’s the oldest among the four]. Don’t worry. It’s better if we maintain our distance in front of other people. After all, you are going to marry Taizi. You don’t want to offend your sister-in-law. I’m afraid she will seek trouble with you. It’s the same with Second Jie and Third Jie. If we want to meet in the future, we should do it secretly outside. Let’s no participate in our fus’ gatherings.”

Liu Ruixue looked emotionally at Zi You. She thought that this seemingly cold little guniang’s heart was not as cold as her appearance. She knew how to think for other people.

Liu Ruixue frowned thinking about Shangguan Lingluo. She said to Xia Ruoqing and Ji Bingyu, “How about this? Every other month, let’s meet at my gege’s Qingming Poetry Group. Let’s take the time to catch up while they’re having their poetry meeting. How about it?”

Zi You thought and said, “There are men walking in and out of the poetry club. If Shangguan Lingluo finds out, it would be easy for them to get a handle and throw dirty water on us. I know a place with beautiful scenery. There’s also no one there. We should go to that place.”

The three little guniangs almost asked in unison, “Where?”

Zi You’s face turned mischievous. She playfully smiled, “I won’t tell you now. When the time comes, I’ll take you there. At that time, let’s meet at the foot of Yinwu Mountain.”

When Zi You was practicing with the female soldiers, she found a waterfall there. The stream was as beautiful as a fairyland and very secluded.

After the four made an appointment, Zi You also left. She went to bid goodbye to Duke Anguo furen, Liu Ruixue’s mother, Née Wei.


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