Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 91 Part 2/5

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[***I will now italicize inner thoughts, which are in present tense]

No one spoke in the garden. Although no one dared to express themselves on the surface, everyone really admired Zi You in their hearts. What a descendant from a military family. Her courage and moral backbone were unlike ordinary people.

Of course, due to Zi You’s excellence, some people were even more jealous of her. These were the people from Shangguan Lingluo’s group earlier.

And Shangguan LingRan’s phoenix eyes became deep as a spring. This was the first time in his life he had a strong interest in a girl.

It was just that he still had a slight charmingly evil smile on his face. He looked at everyone and then said fiercely to Zi You, “Darned yatou! Didn’t you just win the competition? Why are you unwilling to forgive? Be careful that this Ye will kill off all the birds and butterflies. How would you attract them then?”

“Haha…” Everyone loudly laughed. They secretly thought that An Wang was well-versed in civil and military affairs, but his Di son was a straw-bag [idiot].

Taizi had a refined smile on his face. Like a modest gentleman, he praised, “Mu Xiaojie is worthy of being a descendant from a military family. Her lofty and unyielding character is really admirable!”

Huh! You saw that my grandfather came so you’re saying good words now? Unfortunately, I won’t believe in the things you say. With a meimei like Shangguan Lingluo and a tangdi [younger male patrilineal cousin] like Shangguan LingRan, how good can you be?

Zi You was incessantly black-belly. Her face held a clear and cold smile like the moon. While it was soul-hooking, it made you dare not profane it.

Taizi’s smile was as gentle as jade. He said to Old General Mu, “Ten days later, Taizi fu will be holding a Chrysanthemum Appreciation Feast. Please bring your family to attend, Old General Mu.”

Old General Mu bowed. “This official obeys. At that time, this official will be disturbing Taizi.”

Taizi nodded and his smile grew wider. “Good. I will wait for Old General’s arrival.”

Then he bid Empress Dowager’s maiden family goodbye and left Duke Anguo fu with his attendants.


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