Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 91 Part 1/5 Lofty and Unyielding VS Twisted Insidiousness

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The women in the garden weren’t good people. They should all go to hell! We were all noble xiaojies. Why must I be lower than you?

Shu-born. Shu-born. This Xiaojie vows that I will never let my children be Shu sons or Shu daughters. Whoever blocks this Xiaojie’s path to become a main wife will pay a bloody price.

Yu Lanxuan was dark, vicious, and malicious because of adults’ teachings and her environment’s persecution.

Her Di mother, Yu Meilian’s biological mother, originally treated laoye’s concubines and Shu children meanly and cruelly. Yu Lanxuan was oppressed long-term by her Di mother and Di sisters. Her heart had long become dark and twisted.

Yu Lanxuan’s biological mother, Wang Yiping’s older sister Wang Yaping, was influenced, along with Wang Yiping, by her actress mother’s teachings. She was a bad woman to the bone.

As Wang Yaping’s daughter, Yu Lanxuan’s education was learning how to harm people, how to defend against people, and how to steal other people’s things.

So from her bones to her soul, she was branded as selfish, vicious, jealous, and mean.

The little yatou was not old, but she was deep and vicious; not below adults at all.

Zi You knew that she completely offended the extremely spoiled gongzhu. She might have endless troubles in the future. But she did not regret it.

If she could do it again, she would do the same thing. Her mother helped subdue the rebellion in Nanjiang. She made a heroic war contribution and was their imperial family’s meritorious official. Why should she be insulted by an imperial descendant?

Zi You’s deep purple eyes looked around. She firmly and clearly said, “I’ll say it again. My mother Dier is the offspring of Indian royalty and Great Yan parents, not some vulgar southern barbarian. Let’s not speak of how she helped subdue the rebellion in Nanjiang. With her superb medical skills, she saved countless Great Yan soldiers, leading to our country’s victory and making a heroic war contribution. Even if she was a rough countrywoman, Mu Zi You will never allow someone to insult her! Not even the imperial family can. Otherwise, even if Mu Zi You fights to the death, Mu Zi You will still seek justice from the Emperor.”


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