Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 90 Part 9/9

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Old General Mu led an army for many years. He naturally had an aggressive and imposing aura. Even if Taizi was the heir apparent to the throne, Taizi would still not overdo his actions.

Seeing that Old General Mu was angry, Taizi hurriedly explained. “Please don’t be angry Old General Mu! This matter was indeed fourth meimei’s fault. She shouldn’t have spoken nonsense. This Taizi hereby apologizes on her behalf to You’er and her mother!”

Zi You looked at the Fourth Gongzhu hiding behind Taizi. She coldly said, “A person is responsible for his own actions. Taizi did not insult Chennu’s mother. Why do you need to apologize? Pardon Chennu for not accepting your apology. Fourth Gongzhu, it can’t be that you can’t afford to lose, right? Didn’t you use your blood to write the bet down? If you break your word, you will be cursed.”

Shangguan Lingluo was so angry her eyebrows almost turned vertical. Her large eyes were wide and her temples throbbed in pain. She almost lunged forwards.

She didn’t think today would end with such results. Now, she was being forced to this degree. She really threw her face far away today. She didn’t know how she would be laughed at by everyone.

But what if she did not apologize? She already wrote it in blood. Taizi gege was the middleman. He would also be ridiculed.

Shangguan Lingluo looked at her favorite Taizi gege. Her tearful eyes were filled with grievance. She viciously glared at Zi You. “I’m sorry! Bengong shouldn’t have insulted your mother.”

Her tears streamed down her face. Her lips were about to bleed from her biting them. She hated that she couldn’t tear Zi You into pieces.

She secretly swore to herself, ‘Cheap yatou! Bengong will never let you go. See how Bengong will take care of you!’

Yu Lanxuan’s double-lidded phoenix eyes looked at Shangguan Lingluo and then at Mu Zi You. She was so excited that she hated she couldn’t cheer out loud. It was great! They formed a grudge. It was best to have a life or death struggle until they both died. That would suit her taste…


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