Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 90 Part 8/9

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This strange scene in the garden had not only the gongzis, but the xiaojies madly and crazily crowding each other to watch Zi You. Even a lot of adults were alerted and started coming to the garden.

Old General Mu and Mu YingYi were also alerted. The two took a look and knew what was going on. You’er used her spiritual power.

The two were startled and scared. The looked at each other and rushed to separate the crowd of people.

At this time, Zi You’s song ended. She slowly stood up with a languid smile. She looked at the little birds flying around her and her smile grew wider into an outstandingly beautiful peony flower: charming and striking.  

Old General Mu looked anxiously at her. His tiger eyes looked around and he asked softly, “What is it? You’er, did someone bully you?”

Zi You shook her head and smiled comfortingly at her grandfather. Then she looked at Shangguan Lingluo and said, in a neither overbearing nor servile tone, “Would Fourth Gongzhu please comply with the bet and apologize to Chennu’s mother?”

Old General Mu and Mu YingYi immediately understood what was going on.

Just looking around the garden, they knew that this yatou used her spiritual power. But You’er was not someone who loved being in the limelight. If she was not forced, she wouldn’t easily use her spiritual power.

Fourth Gongzhu must have said some insulting words about Dier that made You’er angry.

Old General Mu immediately got angry. He looked at Taizi and asked gloomily, “Taizi, shouldn’t you give this subject an explanation? Why does this subject’s granddaughter want Gongzhu to apologize to You’er’s mother?”


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