Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 90 Part 5/9

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Shangguan Lingluo normally looked down on Shangguan LingRan. She thought that although he was handsome, he was a dandy and a waste. Compared to Taizi gege’s talents, he was too inferior. But she found out today, that this dandy looked flawless. He was handsome than Taizi gege by who-knows-how-many more times.

Fine. Since he had been helping Bengong today, if Bengong is happy in the future, Bengong will give him a smile.

Shangguan Lingluo randomly thought. She smiled brightly at Shangguan LingRan. She said sweetly and cutely, “Rest assured, Ling gege. Fourth meimei won’t let you guys down.”

This gongzhu was quite valiant. Just like this, she forgot all about the embarrassing incident completely. She changed clothes and put on makeup. Then she went out to prepare for the zither contest.

Shangguan LingRan secretly sneered, but he had a flattering expression on his face. He strutted out behind Shangguan Lingluo.

Seeing Shangguan Lingluo come out energetically, many gongzis and xiaojies couldn’t help but sigh. She was indeed a gongzhu from the imperial family. Even her skin was thicker than most noble xiaojies. After such a disgraceful thing happened, she still dared to swagger out. How bold!

But everyone only dared to sigh and think in their hearts. Outwardly, they still needed to flatter her. Let’s hear what Liu Ruixue said. “Gongzhu is really admirable! No arrogance in victory and no despair in defeat. Ruixue really prostrates herself in admiration.”

The next sentence was on the tip of her tongue but swallowed down. “I’m really shocked by your thick skin.”

Shangguan Lingluo did not know her reputation had plummeted to the bottom. After vainly walking around the garden, she looked at Zi You. Insufferably arrogant, she asked, “You first or Bengong first?”

Zi You slightly smiled and said, in a neither overbearing nor servile tone, “You are a gongzhu. Of course Gongzhu goes first. If Gongzhu can attract one hundred birds, Zi You will immediately accept her loss and be at Gongzhu’s disposal.”


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