Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 90 Part 4/9

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Who? Who found out I used my spiritual power? Who was so kindhearted to warn me? Zi You’s clear purple eyes swept around the garden. She only saw Taizi slightly smiling at her with a gentle expression. Shangguan LingRan fiercely bared his teeth at her. Third Wangzi was standing and Second Wangzi was sitting. Both were deep in thought. After looking everyone over, she did not see who warned her.

Could it be Taizi? But why would he help me and not his meimei?

Or was it that dandy? Don’t be fooled by his hooliganism. He must be a profound and enigmatic martial artist. But he was always at loggerheads with me. And Shangguan Lingluo was his tangmei [younger female patrilineal cousin]. He shouldn’t have a reason to help me?

Moreover, the person who warned her not only had profound martial arts skills, but he must certainly practice other top-secret skills. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t have found out that she used spiritual power.

Then I will give up this round of dancing. I will win against Shangguan Lingluo playing zither and use my spiritual power for the last time.

Zi You slowly and calmly said, “Although Gongzhu’s costume is torn, her dancing skills are admittedly above Chennu’s. Chennu admits her loss this round. Asking Taizi to proclaim Gongzhu the winner.”

Everyone was in an uproar. Their eyes looking at her were filled with admiration again. She dared to straightforwardly admit her loss. It was more respectable than those sore losers.

Shangguan Lingluo was originally crying in shame. But Shangguan LingRan suddenly ran in. Panting and out of breath, he said, “Fourth meimei, quickly go out for the zither round. That smelly yatou Mu Zi You gave up in the dancing round.”

Shangguan Lingluo’s cries came to an abrupt end. She stared in disbelief at Shangguan LingRan. “You’re speaking the truth?”

Shangguan LingRan joyfully nodded. “En, en. She said your skirt tore, but admitted that your dancing skills are stronger than hers. She then gave up. Fourth meimei, work hard. You must win!”


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