Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 90 Part 2/9

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The stunning woman’s face had a rippling smile, like like a blooming peony flower: outstandingly beautiful and overflowing with fragrance.

Everyone was stunned by this scene until their mouths dropped open. Everyone’s gazes were drawn to Zi You and no one paid attention to Shangguan Lingluo. Their eyes only saw this little standing, proud, and fairylike woman who was surrounded by butterflies.

Shangguan Lingluo’s painting wasn’t finished but she threw the brush away after seeing this scene. She stamped her feet in anger. “Forget this round. The next round is dance. Bengong doesn’t believe that Bengong will lose to you.”

Her dancing stood out in the imperial family. The Emperor must have her dance during every major holiday. Her Phoenix Dance was famous, so the Emperor conferred to her the name “Great Yan Phoenix.”

Shangguan Lingluo had someone rushed back on horseback to retrieve her multicolored dancing costume. The Yu Meilian of the noble xiaojies surrounding her deliberately exclaimed, “Heavens! Fourth Gongzhu is the real fairy. How can the cheap and lowly southern Mu Zi You compare?”

“That’s right. She’s actually unwilling to bow her to head to Gongzhu. Gongzhu must teach her a lesson.” Yu Lanxuan was scolded by Zi You and was filled with anger. So now she desperately added fuel to the fire with Shangguan Lingluo. She wished that Shangguan Lingluo would be furious and put Zi You to death.

Shangguan Lingluo was surrounded and flattered by a group of xiaojies. She smiled vainly while putting on makeup. “Just wait. Bengong will definitely not lose to her in dancing and zither. She’s just a cheap southern barbarian’s daughter. It would be strange if she can dance and play the zither.”

As a crowd escorted Shangguan Lingluo out, Zi You was calmly and leisurely standing in the garden. She did not change into a costume or make any preparations.

Seeing Shangguan Lingluo come out, Zi You secretly sneered. You dared to dishonor my mother? I’ll have you humiliated. If I don’t see you make a fool of yourself, I’m a descendant of a goddess in vain.

The zither sounded clear like spring water. Shangguan Lingluo started dancing to the music that her Fourth Wangzi gege was playing…


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