Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 90 Part 1/9 Butterflies Fly and Birds Chirp

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He shook his head and seemed as if he was in a tough spot. He kept looking at Zi You, trying to gauge her reaction.

Shangguan LingRan grabbed the two scrolls. He loudly said, “Of course fourth meimei won. I can’t even read what Mu Xiaojie wrote. Taizi, can you read it?”

Read your a*s! But I can’t say that I can’t read it! You think everyone’s a fool like you and unafraid of being laughed at?!

Taizi glared resentfully at Shangguan LingRan and did not speak.

Zi You secretly smiled. She loudly said, “Just conclude that I lost this round. There are three more rounds remaining. Don’t be embarrassed, Taizi. Let the heavens decide.”

Taizi gently nodded. “Good. Mu Xiaojie is indeed a descendant from a military family: very straightforward. Then the second round is won by Fourth Gongzhu. The next round is to create a chrysanthemum painting. Whether the chrysanthemum can attract butterflies, it depends on you two.”

Zi You waved the brush and ink. Soon, a painting of chrysanthemums appeared. But no one noticed that beore the ink dried, she secretly poured some specially-made pollen underneath her brush on top of the chrysanthemums. Then she quietly put her brush down and waited.

At this time, Shangguan Lingluo’s painting was not completed. Everyone was looking at the gongzhu and did not notice that Zi You’s eyes turned a mysterious and enchanting deep purple color again. After a while, colorful butterflies flew towards her and stopped at her body and the chrysanthemum painting.

When the butterflies flew over, Zi You felt a burst of ecstasy. It seemed like her spiritual power could summon insects and small animals. It was great! She was one step closer to her goddess mother who could summon wind and rain and raise the dead.

This moment in the garden was indeed extremely beautiful. All sorts of colored and breeds of butterflies flew and surrounded a stunning woman. Some even landed on Zi You’s body and painting, unwilling to leave.


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