Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 89 Part 9/9

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Shangguan Lingluo was secretly happy. Last night, Taizi gege gave her a welcoming autumn qilu. This was Taizi gege helping her win.

Shangguan Lingluo shyly looked once at Taizi. She leaned down and unhurriedly wrote. When she finished she saw Zi You still fighting with the brush. She smiled proudly.

If Bengong loses this round to you, then Bengong doesn’t need to live anymore.

Fifteen minutes later, Zi You finished writing.

Someone immediately handed their scrolls to Taizi. Taizi read and was immediately stunned. Zi You’s calligraphic style was the extremely difficult and now lost Plum Blossom Seal Script.

Putting aside her poetry, compared to Shangguan Lingluo’s Zanhua Regular Script, just Zi You’s calligraphy alone won hands down.

Plum Blossom Seal Script’s underlying foundation on paper was to naturally embed plum blossoms within the characters. One glance would seem like the characters were flying. Another glance would seem like plum blossoms were blooming. Seal script was originally very difficult to read. Adding plum blossom embellishment to it made it even more difficult to read, thereby increasing its sense of mysteriousness.

Plum Blossom Seal Script was not simple “calligraphy.” It was strict in its usage of “Lift the brush against the wind, use the brush with the wind, and retrieve the brush around the wind.”

The ancients loved beauty, even in writing. The Plum Blossom Seal Script was created for that purpose, with its meaningful cultural significance. “Flowers from a distance, words from nearby, flowers contain words, words contain flowers, flowers and words are one, words are bold and vigorous.” The words and plum blossoms were ingeniously melded together. Plum Blossom Seal Script was the epitome of the country’s ancient calligraphy.

Taizi actually could not read all of what Zi You wrote. But he could not admit that he couldn’t recognize the characters. Therefore, he pretended to consider for a long time. He sighed, “Ai… this is hard for this Taizi to judge. In regards to calligraphy, Mu Xiaojie’s is more exquisite than fourth meimei’s. But fourth meimei only used one-third of Mu Xiaojie’s time to create a welcoming autumn qilu. If fourth meimei lost, there would be some injustice? Ai…”


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