Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 89 Part 8/9

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The first round was chess. Shangguan Lingluo suggested the first round to be chess because her chess skills were personally taught by Taizi. Even the Emperor was full of praise for Taizi’s chess skills.

But once she played with Zi You, Shangguan Lingluo quickly lost the intiative. She was forced to retreat by Zi You and could only resist, but not fight back.

Zi You looked at Shangguan Lingluo wrinkling her forehead, Shangguan LingRan scratching his head, and Taizi deeply frowning. She secretly sneered.

No matter how good your chess skills are, they’re just good on paper. But I learned mine from grandfather. I not only used military tactics but practiced them with uncle and the slaves. Although I cannot fight on the battlefield, but my skills are still better than yours that have no real combat experience, right?

Sure enough, before a quarter of an hour later, Shangguan Lingluo lost all her pieces and was utterly defeated.

This was something the arrogant gongzhu did not expect. Her powdered face turned from white to red. Her almond eyes seemed to be able to spray fire.

The outcome had been decided. Those who knew chess could tell that the black pieces were surrounded to death by the white pieces.

Shangguan Lingluo could only gnash her teeth. “The second round is calligraphy. Bengong does not believe that Bengong will lose this.”

Taizi stepped out to say, “How about this? Let’s combine this round with poetry. You each write a qilu [verse form of eight lines of seven syllables, with rhymes on alternative lines] about autumn. This Taizi will judge. Mu Xiaojie wouldn’t not trust this Taizi, right?”

I really don’t trust you. Just looking at Shangguan Lingluo’s unruliness and willfulness, no one can rest assured with your personal integrity.

But if you want to be biased in public and damage your own reputation, then it’s not my problem.

Zi You was inwardly two-faced, but nodded on the outside. “Chennu believes that Taizi will be an impartial judge.”


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